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Inspired by Anne

The musings of a twenty-something college grad

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I am a graduate of Union University, with a Bachelor's degree of Art in Drawing. I am an art, grammar, and literature geek. I love mythology, which is part of the reason why I ask for books for major holidays that most of my friends wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole on their own time. I am a Wisconsinite, and no, I'm not used to the cold. I hate it. Give me central heating and it's all good. I prefer to admire the freshly fallen snow from my bed and through the window, thanks. I am a class-A spaz. I tend to forget anything and everything that I need to remember, and I remember everything that I don't need. I tend to put my foot in my mouth a lot. I really am not trying to insult people, I just end up saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
the world of fandom +
My Favourite Fandoms:
Alice, Beauty and the Beast, The Big Bang Theory, Chronicles of Narnia, Chronicles of Prydain, Doctor Who, Firefly, Harry Potter, Inception, Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, Torchwood, Stargate (SG-1 and Atlantis), Peter Pan, Primeval, Psych, Star Wars, Secret Garden, Tin Man, The works of Jane Austen

My Favourite OTPs:
Hatter/Alice, Dr. Sheldon Cooper/Penny, Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Tenth Clone/Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith/Martha Jones-Smith, Jayne Cobb/River Tam, Neville Longbottom/Hannah Abbott, Oliver Wood/Katie Bell, Arthur/Ariadne, Faramir/Éowyn, Éomer/Lothíriel, Connor Temple/Abby Maitland, Capt. Becker/Jess Parker, Carlton Lassiter/Juliet O'Hara, Dr. Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, Obi Wan Kenobi/Sabé, Dr. Owen Harper/Toshiko Sato, Wyatt Cain/DG, Colonel Brandon/Marianne Dashwood, Edmund Bertram/Fanny Price, George Knightley/Emma Woodhouse
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Doctor Who mood set by lambietoes, and installed using euterpeslullaby's handy dandy instructions. =)

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Battle of Hogwarts: RAVENCLAW SOLDIER

Battle of Hogwarts: DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY
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alice, alice/hatter, anne frank, art, arthur/ariadne, aslan, autumn, beowulf, big bang theory, biking, billie piper, billy boyd, blackpool, books, bram stoker, british sitcoms, cain/dg, cats, celtic music, celtic mythology, children's books, christopher eccleston, chronicles of narnia, chronicles of prydain, coffee, coldplay, cs lewis, david tennant, dctalk, dido, doctor who, england, eomer/lothiriel, fables, fairy tale retellings, fairy tales, fan fiction, firefly, frederic chopin, gear, goodreads, graphics, greek and roman mythology, harry potter, harry potter fanfics, hook, house, house m.d., howard shore, icons, inception, ireland, italy, james mcavoy, jane austen, jason mraz, jayne cobb, jayne/river, jesus, jim parsons, jm barrie, josh groban, jrr tolkien, kalevala, kaylee frye, keane, kevin max, knitting, kunal nayyar, labyrinth, languages, lecrae, literature, lloyd alexander, lord of the rings, louis armstrong, lucy pevensie, ludwig von beethoven, madeleine l'engle, mal/inara, malcom reynolds, much ado about nothing, music, mythology, nathan fillon, newsboys, norah jones, peter carlisle, peter pan, photography, piano, primeval, ray bradbury, reading, river tam, roald dahl, robin mckinley, ron/hermione, scotland, sense and sensibility, serenity, shakespeare, sheldon cooper, sheldon/penny, sherlock holmes, simon and garfunkel, simon tam, simon/kaylee, singing, star wars, stargate, summer, switchfoot, tae kwon do, tchaikovsky, the beatles, the matrix, the monkees, the princess bride, theatre, tin man, tobymac, top, train, trapped in paradise, tumnus, vampires, volleyball, writing